Helichrysum Italicum

Herzegovinian "Immortelle"

Immortelle is its Latin name comes from the Greek words "helios" which means sun and "chysos" which means gold. The worlds rare form known by names "Immortelle" and "Everlasting flower", which means immortal flower.

Immortelle got its Latin name Helichrysum italicum from the Greek words "helios" which means sun and "chrysos" which means gold. It is known around the world by names "Immortelle" which means immortal flower, and "Everlasting flower".

There are over 500 different types of "Immortelle" around the world, and this plant belongs to the genus Helichrysum from the Asteraceae family. Among the most important species are immortelle Helichrysum arenarium and Helichrysum italicum - coastal plant that is unique to certain parts of the world, such as Corsica and the Adria region. Due to pronounced Mediterranean climate, that is exactly the variety we decided to plant. It grows wild in the rocky area, poor sandy soils or on shallow soils of deserted agricultural land. It thrives with a greater amount of solar radiation, which determines the aromatic properties.

This type of "Immortelle" stands out due to its special chemical composition which is greatly affected by the type of soil and climate in which it grows. These two factors alter the structure and quality of the plant to the extent required to obtain a high quality plant material and required ingredients for essential oil. This is a special type of plant because it is used for cosmetic and medicinal purposes. It is known for its antibacterial and healing properties primarily in use for treatment of skin disease (tissue disease), where the best results in the field of medicinal plants have been achieved. In combination with other oils it is used to treat acne, muscles and joints, and also there are benefits for the nervous system. Therefore, Helichrysum italicum is often referred to as "liquid gold".